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EpiGo-KRAB: Simultaneous epigenetic perturbation and genome imaging reveal distinct roles of H3K9me3 in chromatin architecture and transcription


Latest news

May. 14,,2021, Congratulations to Xiaohui He(何晓慧) and Linxiao Han(韩林晓) to become Ph.D. students.

March. 15, 2021, Welcome Dingzhe Pu (濮定哲)Qiqin Mo (莫淇钦) joined in the lab.

Jan. 1, 2021, Welcome Siyuan Liu (刘思远) joined in the lab.

Dec. 8, 2020, Our EpiGo system was published in Genome Biology. Congratulation to Feng Ying (冯颖) in our lab and Yao Wang (王瑶) in Wei Xie's lab at Tsinghua University.