NCBI Gene Downloader

When you are doing Genome editing or FISH probes designing, you need to download a specific region of genes from the NCBI or other database. For example: I need to download TGFB1, whose location is NC_000019.9 (41836228..41859827, complement), with its upstream 10kb codes to design FISH probes. However, it will waste your time to calculate the upstream position or the downstream position, especially you need to edit a lot of genes. With this script, you just input the location of desire gene and the base numbers of the up or downstream, then you will get the GeneBank file form NCBI. 

1. Search gene name in NCBI Gene data base, then copy the location in Genomic context volume.

2. Input the file name you want to save the .gb file as.

3. Expand the selected gene region.

4. Browse the NCBI using the popup URL or wait a second, the GeneBank file will be downloaded. Note that NCBI might block the direct download if you download plenty of genes.

For example:
      1. I copied "NC_000019.9 (41836228..41859827, complement)"
      2. Then I paste it on the "location" prompt line.
      3. If I want to expand the selected gene range, I will type the base number then.
      4. Waite a second, the .gb file will be saved.


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